Barbara Ray

Barbara Ray
Firm Leadership, Expert

Barbara Ray

Managing Director and Global Public Sector Lead

I love that we solve problems and that we have real impact. The people I work alongside are highly motivated, people of integrity that have the same objectives as me. We all want to do right by each other and our clients. I can honestly say, having had a number of other roles in my life, this is the first one where I feel like I can help make a difference with my clients and the outcomes they are seeking.

— Barbara Ray
With more than 20 years’ experience leading profitable growth strategies for organizations engaged in the government sector, Barbara Ray brings deep industry expertise to her roles as managing director and global public sector lead. Elected and appointed state officials, and Fortune 500 executives have turned to Barbara to drive cost-effective and delivery-effective government solutions, and to transform organizational value propositions to meet evolving constituent needs. At North Highland, Barbara’s growth and leadership initiatives have been instrumental in generating greater client value and inspiring ingenuity and integrity firm wide. 

Prior to joining North Highland, Barbara held top leadership positions with two Florida state agencies and several private organizations. In 2015, the Florida Senate President appointed her a member of the Florida Government Efficiency Task Force, and Consulting Magazine named her one of its Top 25 Consultants in 2016. Barbara holds a Juris Doctor with honors from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and communications from Rollins College.

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