North Highland Retail Dashboards Featured in Tableau White Paper

November 19, 2018

North Highland was featured in Tableau’s latest retail white paper titled “Build Your Competitive Edge: 12 Powerful Retail Dashboards.” The white paper provides a collection of retail visualizations centered around store operations, merchandising and marketing to inspire organizations to raise the bar of analytics. North Highland is featured in three visualizations, demonstrating how effective and innovative dashboards to help retailers become more efficient and agile.

North Highland uses its expertise in analytics and retail to deliver insights that power marketing-lead retail strategies and enable meaningful experiences across channels and customer touchpoints. These solutions help intelligently inform business decisions, drive efficiency on a greater scale and empower business teams with long-term ownership over analytics processes. Three of North Highland’s core solutions were included in the white paper: Weather Response, Store Heatmapping and Digital Content Optimization.

The first visualization, titled “Weather Response Predicted Demand,” highlights how a weather response predicted demand dashboard used on-demand weather data in tandem with inventory data to help retailers anticipate demand during emergency weather events, ensuring products are in the right place at the right time when customers need them most.

In “Retail Store Heat Mapping,” North Highland demonstrated how heat maps allowed retailers to efficiently optimize store layouts, focusing on areas including dollars per square foot, product placement reporting, and seasonal reset location and performance. 

Finally, in “Digital Content Optimization,” North Highland developed a dashboard to provide optimized, tactical recommendations to drive e-commerce performance. Through a digital content optimization dashboard, retailers are able to leverage analytics to identify the precise mix of digital assets – including text, image and video – needed to maximize purchase conversion.

For more information and to access the full report, click here

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