North Highland's Brian Clements interviewed on KXL Business Briefing

November 20, 2017

North Highland’s Brian Clements, Global Lead of Cognitive Solutions, was recently interviewed by Brian Bushlach on KXL Business Briefing in Seattle and Portland about what’s going on in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Other topics covered in the interview included:

  • Tackling complex problems with AI because machines can help manage this complexity in ways that humans can’t
  • The ethical side of AI, how we integrate these types of technologies into our lives and what potential ethical issues could arise from this
  • Getting data to be accessible in a way AI can use it as the next step in the process
  • Our focus on helping our clients move knowledge from humans to machines so we can help them build their robot colleagues
  • How data can be useful to every part of an organization, not just in the silos where it is created and how that data can also be useful for AI
  • Making sure an organization has an AI-ready culture before trying to implement it

Click here to listen to the full interview. 

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