Alex Bombeck

Firm Leadership, Board of Managers

Alex Bombeck

Managing Director and President

In a rapidly shifting market, Alex Bombeck has spent the last 25 years helping organizations adapt customer and employee engagement strategies to leverage digital platforms, transforming their technology, infrastructure, operating and organizational models to meet future business needs. A digital marketing pioneer, Alex spent more than two decades leading digital innovation, relationship management, analytics, and digital and direct marketing for Fortune 100 clients. Like the market itself, Alex’s expertise has evolved to encompass customer experience design and transformation practices which he strategically applies to help businesses respond with agility to changing customer expectations and market conditions.

Today, as North Highland’s Managing Director and President Alex leads the firm’s client-facing strategy and sales and demand generation activities, including go-to-market strategies. His approach, both within the firm and with clients, transforms organizational and operational processes in ways that support new ways of working, greater enterprise agility and cultures rooted in collaboration and co-creation.

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