Energy and Utilities

Fueling the Future

The U.S. energy and utilities markets are at the edge of a great shift. The companies poised to prosper in this evolved landscape are those laser focused on advancing their workforces, putting their customers first, and elevating their use of data and technology.

To take advantage of the shift, using its momentum to tip into a period of growth, more than 100 of the country’s largest energy and utility companies have turned to North Highland. For these clients we have led more than 600 projects to improve operations and enterprise capabilities, enable information and technological evolution, and build the workforces that will fuel the future.

How we help

Evolved Experience

On average, utilities spend less than 10 minutes per year with their customers, and the majority of those engagements are precipitated by a negative event. In the Experience Economy, where nothing – not reliability, not even price – matters more than the experience you deliver, 10 minutes is simply not enough.

North Highland takes an end-to-end, ecosystem approach to design and deploy meaningful customer interactions across multiple channels, all while build-ing and embedding lasting customer experience capabilities into utility company’s DNA.

Workforce Transition

Are you prepared to capture the opportunities the Great Crew Change will bring? A high-touch, custom knowledge transfer process, set into motion well before the Baby Boomers have left the building, is necessary for a safe, seamless transition. But fully capturing the upside – a fresh class of Millennials, eager to deliver value and innovation – goes beyond succession planning to require a new type of engagement. Through workforce transition strategy and execution, and training and development, North Highland leads energy and utility companies through this great change into greater opportunity.

Data Management

Data is everywhere, and in the energy and utilities industries, it could be power-fully applied to drive efficiencies and capture value. But companies in those industries are unprepared to sort through and deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people.

North Highland helps energy and utility companies develop data strategies and approaches to enable critical business decision making and support the execution of day-to-day operations, turning information overload into an asset.

Regulatory Strategy

Energy and utility companies are unique-ly challenged to deliver value while oper-ating within the confines of thousands of regulations, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Through effective program management, and deep expertise in people and change, process, and data and analytics, North Highland helps highly regulated companies comply, protect and grow.

Cost Containment

In an era of disappearing workforces, increasing cost inflation, and growing pressure to improve margins through cost containment, North Highland helps energy and utility companies do more with less. Our approach enables organizations to optimize current workforces while attracting the talent of the future to ensure a continuous competitive advantage in an industry rapidly teeming with new entrants.  

Capital Projects

North Highland helps energy and utility companies turn capital management into a core capability. With expertise focused in investment evaluation, effective operations handovers, and boosted value realization, we help organizations generate superior returns for shareholders and customers.


Designed and implemented a structured process for a global energy company, resulting in a 200% increase in on-time delivery of turnarounds.

"From the very minute North Highland was given this responsibility, they literally took the ‘bull by the horns’ and had the situation back in line in a very short amount of time. This was crucial for us as this whole training situation was headed for disaster. Not one time did we hear anything negative. North Highland was always positive and assured us all would be okay."

VP Generation Service Top 5 Public Utility in the U.S.

                                    Our Leaders

Teri Mendelovitz

Vice President, Global Energy & Utilities Lead Expert
Teri has 18 years of experience in Oil & Gas consulting specializing in process design, program management, information & data management, and systems implementation. She has worked with Upstream, Downstream (Refining and Chemicals), Energy Services, and Trading companies. She has consulted across Operations and has deep functional expertise in Reliability & Maintenance.

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