Fiduciary Foundations

Fiduciary Foundations

The Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed new fiduciary rules to govern when investment advice is given on retirement assets. The ruling includes IRA rollovers, small Defined Contribution plans, HSAs, qualified annuities, and other retirement products. The final rules will be in effect starting April 2017.

To meet the needs of the DOL fiduciary rule, and to capitalize on the revenue opportunities available, North Highland has created a holistic and structured approach to quickly implement the changes. We focus on the advisor and client experience to differentiate our clients from firms who focus only on compliance.

                                    Our Leaders

Jill Jacques

Global Financial Services Lead Executive Team
Jill is the Global Financial Services Lead with 19+ years of experience in consulting and industry leadership positions. Jill consults on front-, middle- and back-office strategies, with an emphasis on client experience and advisor/employee adoption. She leads the Financial Services Advisory team and is a thought leader in shaping the industry's response to the new standard of care through her contributions to various publications.

Frank Kimball

Expert Practitioner
Frank Kimball is an Expert Practitioner with North Highland with over 25 years of experience in the Financial Service Industry. He has held executive leadership positions in Retail Brokerage, Asset Management, and Corporate Trust as well a senior member of Corporate Strategy. He helped create an award winning value-add program providing ERISA advice and proactive tools to help Financial and Private Client advisors at wealth management firms to grow their retirement practice.  His primary focus is in Wealth Management, Compliance, Risk Management and Trust.  Currently, Frank is driving the Department of Labor Fiduciary initiative to help firms assimilate fiduciary practices into their business model.   

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