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Fletcher Lance

Managing Director and Global Healthcare Lead

Fletcher Lance is Managing Director and Global Healthcare Lead at North Highland. He has more than 18 years of experience in healthcare management and information technology consulting. He specializes in IT implementations, process improvement, clinical management, patient management and IT evaluation and selection.

Ric Martinez

Ricardo Martinez, M.D., FACEP

Chief Medical Officer

Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP is Chief Medical Officer of North Highland, and has served in senior roles in academics, government and business. He provides thought leadership and front-line involvement in transformation efforts of healthcare organizations becoming high-performing enterprises. Key areas of focus are physician leadership and engagement, the touchstone of driving physician-led change and adoption of standardized best-practices across an entity; developing team-powered value-based clinical processes to add real value and eliminate wastes; activating patients to ensure that shared clinical care plans are most effective; and enabling technology that supports, extends and improves the performance across the delivery system.