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Creating Better Customer Engagement

Media, entertainment and communications companies are recreating themselves from their infrastructure out. We are helping our clients adapt by finding alternative revenue sources, making content compatible with new business models, improving operating efficiency, using data for better consumer engagement and building more collaborative teams.

How we help

Maximizing Value from M&A

The convergence of telecommunications, broadband, multi-platform distributors, and the battle to create and acquire premium content is leading to an unprecedented pace of M&A activity.  We have helped clients ensure that acquisitions are integrated smoothly--not only from technology, business process, human experience, and the necessary governance models-- but also with the change management necessary to maximize acquisitions’ short and long-term value.

Leveraging Data as a Differentiator

Every day, new competitors enter to disrupt traditional business models.  What these disruptors don't have is access to decades of data to guide decisions – but our clients do.  At North Highland, we help companies unlock that advantage to leverage existing IP, refine release windows and distribution strategy, enhance customer experience, rationalize ad sales &buy strategy, and evaluate asset performance.

Agile Innovation

New, well-funded competition arriving daily require an urgent response. As increasing numbers of consumers cut the cord, streaming, distribution, and content strategies cannot be an afterthought.  Tools and processes must be fast and agile to succeed.  Not only do we take our clients from POC to product launch efficiently and economically to ensure they can compete in an agile world, we also ensure that employees are brought along for the ride.

Go-to-Market Experience Design

Customer perception is critical as companies launch new products, promotions, campaigns, and onboard new customers. With our go-to-market expertise, we provide customer journey maps and apply CX methodologies to develop go-to-market strategies that resonate with consumers at the right time, right place, and with the right message.

Humanizing Transformation

In a fast-paced world of agile frameworks and cloud-based technologies, it is crucial that companies create a culture that enables success.  At North Highland, we focus on ways of working that ensure large-scale transformation realizes its maximum potential through meaningful communications and change management practices.

Future State Visioning

Too often, companies hire strategists to create roadmaps for the future.  The future cannot be predicted.  At North Highland, we take a different approach by aligning teams on potential future states.  Once aligned, a company can plan for a range of possibilities, ensuring the resilience of people, processes, and technologies -- no matter what happens in the future.  Our Futures practice allows companies to plan effectively, avoid disruption, and take the necessary steps to create an advantageous future state for their business and customers.

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Imagine If Customers Refused Data Access to Major Telco's and MSO's?

Imagine if customers refused data access to major Telco’s and MSO’s? Customer privacy has become hugely important over the last few years, and specifically with the implementation of the EU’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Join North Highland’s Anthony Shaw and Jason Serotta as they review the difference between data privacy and a consumer driven approach to using data along with steps MEC companies can take.

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Tony Doocey

Managing Director and Global Media, Entertainment, and Communications Lead Firm Leadership
Tony Doocey has spent the last 30 years leading the transformative changes required to thrive in today’s market. Across technology, sales, customer experience, and people and change management, Tony has helped companies design and execute transformation programs that reshape infrastructures and operating models to meet future business needs.

Jason Serotta

Expert Practitioner Expert
Jason is an Expert Practitioner and a Thought Leader in Media, Entertainment, and Communications (MEC). He has 20 years of business experience with 10+ years working at MEC based companies. His expertise includes Strategy Development, IoT, Business Case Development, New Product Innovation, Contract Negotiation, Program and Project Management, Service Level Management and Supply Chain. Jason is also Prosci certified.

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