Data and Analytics

Partners in Data and Analytics

We use data and analytics to transform lives. With a strong focus on data-driven policy, our consultants help government organizations use their data to generate meaningful information that improves public services and outcomes. At the same time, our technical experts help public CIOs manage their assets in the most efficient and cost-effective way, delivering better technology for less money.

The era of Big Data is here, and a strategic data governance program is essential for every public sector organization. North Highland leverages our consultants’ expertise in master data management - in both the public and private sectors - to develop forward-looking strategies that improve the delivery of services, identify cost-effective data warehousing and storage solutions, promote data stewardship, protect data quality and security, and establish the information architecture that is necessary for the interoperable systems of the future.

Our data and analytics team works with organizations to implement a sensible, low-risk approach that identifies the best ways to leverage data sources to solve specific challenges. We focus on using creative strategies to derive actionable information from data in order to improve workforce performance and service.  

Seeing important patterns and squeezing insight out of tables and spreadsheets is tough. That’s why North Highland uses a variety of best-in-class data visualization tools to design information-rich and intuitive graphics and dashboards that communicate patterns immediately and enable quick action.

                                    Our Leaders

Dwight Specht

Vice President, Data and Analytics, Technology Expert
Dwight focuses on delivering customer and marketing intelligence solutions that help clients more closely connect with, drive higher quality experiences for, and predict the behavior of, their customers. Passionate about the business value of advanced analytics and BI technologies, the data and analytics team is highly experienced at data strategy, governance, master data management, business intelligence deployment, visualization and predictive modeling.

Barbara Ray

Managing Director and Global Public Sector Lead Firm Leadership Expert
With more than 20 years’ experience leading profitable growth strategies for organizations engaged in the government sector, Barbara Ray brings deep industry expertise to her roles as managing director and global public sector lead. At North Highland, Barbara’s growth and leadership initiatives have been instrumental in generating greater client value and inspiring ingenuity and integrity firm wide.

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