Partners in Education

We support the people, processes and technology solutions that empower educators to serve their students. Like our education clients, North Highland consultants are constantly learning and teaching. We know that seeking and sharing knowledge is what truly changes our world, and we are passionate about helping educators fulfill their missions. We’ve worked with top-tier higher education systems and institutions, school districts, elementary and secondary schools, and education leaders throughout the United States and United Kingdom to support their work developing our world’s future leaders. 

The largest student cohort in a generation is entering college, accompanied by growth in the non-traditional student population. Higher education institutions are under more pressure to deliver value and services in a competitive environment. North Highland helps education leaders develop actionable strategies that drive value for systems, institutions, educators, and students. Then we work with our clients to execute those strategies - delivering complex initiatives on time and on budget.

Every organization is different, and North Highland works with each client as a unique challenge. We have extensive subject matter expertise working with higher education institutions that operate or are affiliated with healthcare providers, medical centers, and research institutes.

North Highland consultants get things done on time and on budget. Just ask a few of our clients. We know a great project management office is not just a spreadsheet factory that churns out indicators. Our consultants get projects completed faster by knowing our clients well, integrating as part of the team, working in the field, solving problems, and clearing roadblocks.

North Highland works with educational institutions on the front end to create a holistic IT strategy that serves students, educators, and administrators. We deliver practical roadmaps and investment plans, then help institutions procure, integrate, and embed systems – including navigating the organizational change management that always accompanies a major upgrade.

Today’s students have high expectations for a seamless multi-channel customer experience, whether they are shopping online or checking their grades on their smartphones. North Highland works with educational institutions to design and implement frictionless interactions with students, ensuring a good experience with student portals that integrate well with back-office systems.

                                    Our Leaders

Barbara Ray

Managing Director and Global Public Sector Lead Firm Leadership Expert
With more than 20 years’ experience leading profitable growth strategies for organizations engaged in the government sector, Barbara Ray brings deep industry expertise to her roles as managing director and global public sector lead. At North Highland, Barbara’s growth and leadership initiatives have been instrumental in generating greater client value and inspiring ingenuity and integrity firm wide.

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