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Human resource management presents unique challenges in public sector organizations, and North Highland’s experienced consultants have deep expertise in helping public servants achieve professional excellence. We specialize in transforming or building organizations that are highly capable, efficient, and aligned with mission critical processes, including procurement, finance, human resources, technology, and service delivery. We firmly believe that satisfied people in clearly defined roles - and with the right skills and capabilities - drive better outcomes.

Generational turnover and adapting to technological change are just two of the major challenges facing public sector organizations. North Highland works as part of your change management team defining, developing, and implementing proactive approaches and tools to help people be ready, willing, and able to do their jobs effectively in the face of change. Our Organizational Change Management (OCM) experience includes successfully managing large high-risk initiatives involving hundreds of thousands of stakeholders in environments of intense public scrutiny.

North Highland’s organizational change management services are complemented by a creative team that specializes in defining, creating, and implementing innovative, stand-out communications, campaigns, and events that win buy-in and help people start adopting new behaviors in the workplace.

North Highland helps organizational leaders formulate a clear vision and strategy to manage complex challenges and operate more efficiently and effectively. Our team assists in configuring the structures, processes, reward systems, and people practices that create an effective organization. 

North Highland is experienced in planning and delivering workforce transformation or functional transformation, using a unique approach to better define or redefine organizational missions, operating models, roles, processes, and structures – enabling a higher level of effectiveness and impact.

Our human capital team is adept at devising workforce strategies that align to – and support achievement of – the organization’s overall strategies with succession planning, leadership development, talent management, recruitment and retention, and other services that are helping public sector organizations take control of generational change and turnover.

Effectively managing a large public sector workforce requires having the right technology to support HR operations. North Highland knows the human resource information system market, and assists in assessing business needs, making a business case for investment, gathering requirements, procuring systems, and then implementing IT solutions for HR functions.

North Highland works with HR leadership to build robust and strategically aligned operational models that use reliable information about workers to improve performance and maximize organizational efficiency.

                                    Our Leaders

Barbara Ray

Managing Director and Global Public Sector Lead Firm Leadership Expert
With more than 20 years’ experience leading profitable growth strategies for organizations engaged in the government sector, Barbara Ray brings deep industry expertise to her roles as managing director and global public sector lead. At North Highland, Barbara’s growth and leadership initiatives have been instrumental in generating greater client value and inspiring ingenuity and integrity firm wide.

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