Partners in Transportation

Complexity in today’s connected transportation system doesn’t mean you need complex solutions. At North Highland, we specialize in making the complex simple. Our transportation work includes strategic management, enterprise technology, procurement support, data management, workforce development, and improving financial efficiency for government agencies. Our past and current public sector clients include state departments of transportation (DOTs), toll authorities, transit agencies, seaports, and airports. From back-office efficiency to passenger experience, North Highland brings best-of-breed solutions to both private industry and government.

North Highland helps transportation organizations plan and execute strategic initiatives that bring maximum value to the enterprise. There is no pie-in-the-sky visioning in our world - we deliver actionable plans and a practical road map to benefit realization. As we execute against the plan, we work as part of the internal team to communicate the mission and key objectives, with defined milestones and performance indicators. It’s effective. The strength of our delivery speaks for itself.

North Highland lives at the intersection of technology and human capital. A great strategy won’t work without a workforce that is trained and aligned to deliver a program that is flexible, adaptable, and sustainable. Our services include organizational design, recruitment and retention, HR strategy, and performance management.

North Highland works with clients to achieve maximum financial efficiency through process assessment and improvements that impact the bottom line. We help organizations craft understandable dashboards to improve planning, budgeting and financial reporting. We work with our clients to deliver measurable and sustainable productivity improvements, as well as identify opportunities to enhance revenue and target cost reductions.

An enterprise-wide approach to IT infrastructure planning allows North Highland to help transportation organizations develop business cases and implementation plans for critical technology investments. Our services include IT strategy, infrastructure design, requirements gathering, procurement support, implementation, and organizational change management.

                                    Our Leaders

Chris McCarthy

Global Transportation Lead
Chris has 25 years of experience in the transportation industry, working with the rail, transit, state and federal government, private industry, and international banks. Specific areas of his expertise include strategy development, project management, market analysis, financial planning, public policy, and international business and trade.

Michelle Kahler

Expert Practitioner
Michelle has over 20 years of experience planning and implementing process improvements across multiple industries including public sector, transportation, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, and retail. Specific areas of expertise include program and project management, business analysis, process improvement, and organizational change management.

Dan Montgomery

Director, Data & Analytics
Dan is a Director for North Highland’s Data & Analytics Capability and is the Public Sector lead for this practice area. Dan has more than 25 years of experience in the development, management, and implementation of business-driven information technology solutions to enable data-driven decision making across numerous industries including transportation with several state DOTs.

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