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According to the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, millennials are expected to represent half of all travelers by 2025. Digital enablement and hyper-personalization have quickly become table stakes and these connected experiences—paired with the demands of new generations—shift the paradigm for hospitality and leisure companies. The drive to acquire new customers and secure long-term loyalty is key to success.

Our teams design and deploy new technology, data, and business operations strategies for meaningful customer engagement. We also understand the importance of designing solutions that are right-sized for the people and processes within your organization, bringing deep industry knowledge that enables us to hit the ground running on day one. 

How we can help

Data Strategy

We apply advanced analytics to generate ROI from higher-value insights on guest segments, ultimately enabling the design of compelling, personalized, and predictive experiences. We then focus on optimizing IT operations for data delivery and analysis.

Technology Footprint

We help clients optimize the tools and serves that drive informed decision-making, enable internal collaboration between IT and the business, and activate platforms for meaningful guest engagement. In addition, we help hospitality leaders build roadmaps to resolve technical debt, freeing capacity to seize new market opportunities.

Experience Design and Deployment

It’s paramount that organizations harness actionable insights from increasing volumes of data, equipping employees with the insight to know customers and their needs better than customers may know themselves. North Highland helps brands create and activate anticipatory experiences that meet a guest’s human needs to maximize loyalty and advocacy.

Managed Services

Many organizations are facing increased pressure to manage spend and increase productivity. These shifts require focus on capability, capability and community. We provide a cost effective solution that delivers differentiating, value-added services, and our delivery model is flexible by design.

The Talent Gap

We help clients understand the future of work and the workplace in the context of associate experience to create a roadmap for hiring, skill set development, and training. We empower service teams to integrate analytics into their daily work and exceed guest expectations, while delivering the personal touch that guests desire.

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                                    Our Leaders

Anne Game

Managing Director Board of Managers Firm Leadership
With more than 30 years of consulting experience, Anne Game’s transformative work in the manufacturing, consumer products and hospitality sectors has been both sustainably valuable and immediately impactful. She’s watched the stock of a struggling enterprise tick up real-time as the results of her three-month value creation project were presented, and she is equally inspired by the ongoing growth and long-term capabilities developed through her work.

Bill Caswell

Hospitality Practice Lead
Bill Caswell is a Principal with North Highland and is the firm’s Global Hospitality Practice Leader. During a career spanning more than 30 years, Bill has served a multitude of clients including global hospitality corporations, vacation ownership companies, restaurant, and retail enterprises. Bill’s expertise includes customer experience, loyalty programming, operations, employee development, business efficiency, and technology development & integration.

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