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With deep experience earned from working with top companies around the globe, our consultants have a world of insights and perspectives to share with you. These perspectives represent some of our observations on the hottest business and organizational trends and challenges.

North Highland’s Professionalising IT solution is designed to change the way information technology organisations think, feel and do. We use industry best practices and a ready library of IT job descriptions, competency models and career paths to accelerate an IT workforce that is engaged, capable, and aligned with the broader business strategy. Our solution is based on the belief that satisfied people drive business results. In order to be satisfied, people need to have clarity over: where the organisation is heading, what they need to do, how they need to do it, and with whom they need to interact, how they contribute to making the organisation’s vision a reality, and how they can develop their skills and capabilities and progress through the organization. We help provide this clarity and support the successful transition of your workforce into the right roles, helping you fill the gaps in your organization with an inspiring recruitment, on-boarding and up-skilling program.


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