Datalogue: A Data & Analytics Podcast

Datalogue: A Data & Analytics Podcast

Our data and analytics experts talk tools, techniques and applications of analytics to business problems.

Datalogue is a podcast hosted by leaders in our firm's Data & Analytics capability. Dwight Specht (North Highland Vice President, Global Data & Analytics Lead) and Tyler Brownfield (North Highland Business Architect) sit down with thought leaders from our firm and beyond to talk about tangible ways they've used some of the newest tools and strategies to solve complex problems.

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                                 Latest Episodes

Episode #10: Exploring the Power of AI & Augmented Analytics with AnswerRocket

Dwight and Tyler sit down with Pete Reilly of AnswerRocket to talk about how their analytics technology helped a major global retailer accelerate their pace of finding growth opportunities and stay ahead of business challenges around the world. What cool thing did AnswerRocket's platform do? You're going to want to listen to find out.

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Episode #9: Raising Up Trailblazers Inside a Major UK Retailer

Dwight and Tyler sit down with David Sagar to talk about how his team helped a major retailer in the UK build their own analytics capability using Google Data Studio. How did David's team's efforts make their client look like trailblazers within the organization?

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Episode #8: "We have a lot of data. Now what?"

Dwight and Tyler continue with Part Two of their three-part series with our London Data & Analytics team. Today, they talk to Nick Voss about how they helped a client with a lot of data learn how to consolidate and use it.

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Episode #7: Using D&A to Improve Rail Line Wifi

How did our team help one of the UK's biggest rail line companies improve the WiFi for their passengers? How did data visualization come into play? The duo interviews Guy Kirby and Toby Ayre from our London office to talk about how it was done and the customer experience impact their work achieved. This episode is the first part of a three part series with our London team. 


Episode #6: Joni Roylance and the Ethics of Bots

Many organizations are diving into artificial intelligence, whether bots or otherwise. What ethical considerations need to be made? How do you bring a human element into an automated piece of technology? North Highland’s Joni Roylance sits down with Dwight and Tyler to talk more about cognitive ethics and some of the work she’s been part of in that space.

Episode #5: Dan Kopp and Using Machine Learning for Image Analysis

How could a hotel brand ensure that the thousands of images of their properties meet brand standards? Dwight and Tyler sit down with North Highland's Dan Kopp and dive deep into how machine learning was used for one particular brand to accomplish just that. How could it be done?

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Episode #4: Brian Clements and Using AI To Empower Humans

Dwight and Tyler talk to Brian Clements about an AI project he recently worked on and how artificial intelligence should be designed to enabling human capability instead of replacing humans.

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Episode #3: Cliff Stephens Uses Search Powered Analytics to Help a Large Nonprofit 

How can analytics assist in delivering food to the less fortunate? Our own Cliff Stephens joins Dwight and Tyler to discuss how he used search powered analytics to help a large metro area food bank make finding information about their organization as easy as typing in a question and getting a response. 

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Episode #2: Charlie Morn  Uses Data to Find the Optimal Mix of Retail Locations and Resources

How could retailers determine where to expand and which locations they need to invest more resources in? Charlie Morn, a Senior Data Analyst at North Highland, sits down with Dwight and Tyler to share how data analysis makes this possible.

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Episode #1: Stephen Easter Explains Predicting Future Behavior of Customers

In their inaugural episode, Dwight and Tyler sit down with Stephen Easter, North Highland's Director of Advanced Analytics. Stephen talks about how his team helped a quick service oil change company use predictive modeling to drive significant increases in their customer base buying services beyond oil changes. This project exceeded the client goals by 63%, drove a 7.5 to 1 ROI and has since been rolled out to the client's 300 franchised locations. 

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                                 Meet the Hosts

Dwight Specht

Vice President, Data and Analytics, Technology Expert
Dwight focuses on delivering customer and marketing intelligence solutions that help clients more closely connect with, drive higher quality experiences for, and predict the behavior of, their customers. Passionate about the business value of advanced analytics and BI technologies, the data and analytics team is highly experienced at data strategy, governance, master data management, business intelligence deployment, visualization and predictive modeling.

Tyler Brownfield

Business Architect
Tyler Brownfield is a consultant with North Highland’s Data and Analytics capability focusing on data analysis, visualization, and leveraging cloud architectures. He has 7 years of experience creating data-driven solutions in the areas of retail, financial services, and media & communications.

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