Marketing and Design

Harnessing the Power of Experience Design

The right design makes day-to-day decision making easier. It inspires employees to work harder, smarter. It makes change – even the most disruptively transformational change – painless. And it drives consumers to not only buy a product, but to fall in love with the brand.

Through our creative and design agency Sparks Grove we apply design thinking to plan, make, and execute experiences across the entire experience chain. We use insight, foresight, strategy, design, and development to transform businesses to more human centered, purpose-driven organizations.

How We Can Help

Marketing Strategy

We create your experience-based value proposition and content strategy to provide an agenda that will draw brand loyalty and distinction.

Experience Planning

We develop an actionable, orchestrated, and prioritized experience program to deliver on your organization's experience agenda.

Creative Design

We design experiences that bring your brand to life, giving it the breath and muscle to evoke authenticity and value among customers, employees and stakeholders.

Experience Capability Development

Through training, governance, technology strategy and change stewardship, we help you build and embed the systems and capabilities required to achieve sustained, experience-based differentiation.

Creative Communications

The way you engage with your customers matter. We work with you to develop methods of communication that both resonate with the audience and stay true to your brand.

                                    Our Leaders

Bill Lawrence

Vice President
Bill serves as Vice President and global lead of the marketing and design practice, as well as the experience design agency Sparks Grove. Through his extensive work, Bill has a broad spectrum of expertise include digital transformation, experience innovation, customer insights and more.

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