People and Change

Empower people to be your differentiator

In the face of a volatile economic climate, global competition and constant change, companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. The companies that thrive understand that great talent is essential to success.

North Highland believes that businesses made up of people with the right blend of capabilities and conviction can do amazing things. Let us help you perfect your organization, stimulate talent potential and inspire change.

How We Can Help

Perfecting Organizations   

In a world where competition is fierce, resting on your laurels is not a winning strategy. Organizations that continue to evolve have a better chance of survival and of outperforming their competitors. North Highland can help you build an effective organization, one that delivers on its promise, and is primed to compete with an optimized business strategy.

Stimulating Talent

Talent is your organization’s single largest expenditure and your most defining asset, but higher performance is not as simple as multiplying headcount times hours. North Highland can help you improve how you plan, source, attract, engage, develop, reward and mobilize your employees, stimulating their potential to exceed performance goals.

Inspiring Change

Change is the new normal, but unfortunately, so is the failure of most change initiatives. So why take the same old approach? North Highland brings change management out of the ivory tower. We demystify change by applying logic and creativity, and then we make change take root for sustainable success. Whatever the nature of your change initiative, we can help you inspire and engage your people and accelerate business results.

Changing How HR Functions

Behind every high-performing company is a high-performing HR department led by a well-respected, inspiring CHRO. It's not easy – the demands around talent, knowledge and leadership accumulate on the hour. At North Highland, we can help you design and empower teams that deliver remarkable results, changing how HR thinks and functions for the better.


Mindy Bostick

Global People and Change Lead

Mindy Bostick leads North Highland’s People and Change capability. She has over 30 years of experience helping organizations realize their business objectives through successful transformational change. Mindy has deep expertise in leadership alignment, organizational change management, process improvement and technology implementations. As an authorized training provider for Prosci, Mindy provides change management methodology certification to change management practitioners as well as change management training to business leaders, managers and employees. Her industry experience includes manufacturing/distribution, energy, chemical, retail, consumer products and financial services.