Strategy and Advisory

Big Ideas Made Real

Strategy is nothing without results. Results are what disrupt the market. Results are what prompt worried debates in your competition’s boardroom. Results are what turn customers into brand loyalists. 

At North Highland we design strategies that improve specific elements of your business, technology and operations – elements that create differentiated capabilities, enhance competitive positioning, and deliver measurable performance improvement and a significant return on investment. With an obsessive commitment to results, we create and execute the strategy to get you there.

How We Can Help

Strategy Planning and Development

It is leadership, foresight and honesty that drives our success in developing actionable, insight-driven strategies that help organizations achieve mission-critical goals. We identify the core competencies necessary for future growth, and blueprint the way for organizations to get there.

Strategy Execution

It’s one thing to develop an enterprise strategy for growth – it’s quite another to make it happen. We bring the leadership and functional expertise to organizations that need help bringing their mission, vision, and corporate strategy to life.

Customized Services

Sometimes, the greatest business transformation can be achieved by linking cross-functional, cross-geographical, and cross-business unit challenges with cohesive strategy and leadership. We deliver customized operational strategies that apply the right initiatives, sequencing, timing and metrics to drive results with broad business impacts.

Margin Optimization

With a focus on improving enterprise returns, we examine and address every driver of EBITDA, including volume, pricing, product mix, input costs, and SG&A.

Business Combination

From due diligence through integration planning, we help ensure that value-definition and benefit-capture following mergers, acquisitions, alliances and diversities are focused and swift.

Commercial Strategy

We help companies increase market share and optimize wallet share with their most valuable customers with strategy that delivers results in markets, products, customer segments, channels, pricing, and omni-channel customer experience.

Product & Service Innovation

We empower innovative cultures with operating models that are efficient, effective and capable of rapidly developing new products and services that deliver measureable value and ROI.

Alex Bombeck
Firm Leadership

Alex Bombeck


Alex serves as President at North Highland, leading our North and UK Region, Strategy and Advisory, Service Lines, Sparks Grove and Data & Analytics here at the firm. Previously serving as President of Sparks Grove, he brings 20 years of strategy, marketing, and digital consulting, along with deep CX expertise, to North Highland. A long-time agency executive, Alex has experience in media planning, advertising, promotion, and direct marketing. Prior to joining North Highland and Sparks Grove, Alex was the Chief Digital Officer of Havas Worldwide New York and President of Havas Worldwide Digital, North America. While at Havas, Alex was responsible for leading global Client relationships with IBM, Intel and Diageo, providing strategic leadership for digital innovation and CRM.

Tina Ehrig

Tina Ehrig

Global Head of Strategy and Performance Improvement

Tina Ehrig is the global lead for North Highland’s Strategy team and Performance Improvement service line with over 20 years of experience in consulting. Prior to joining North Highland, Tina was a Partner in Accenture’s Business and IT Strategy practices. Tina specializes in helping clients achieve higher performance through growth initiatives, operational excellence work, and transformation efforts.