Performance Improvement

Exemplify Efficiency and Manage by Evidence

There is no room for mediocre in this market. To thrive, companies must protect value. And they must be in a constant state of self-improvement to tackle each and every barrier to excellence, well before they erode progress.

North Highland helps organizations achieve top and bottom line value with a full spectrum of offerings that deliver incremental performance improvement. Led by a unique team of experts, we bring the know-how required to activate the big-picture strategies we help create.

How We Can Help

Organizational Excellence

Make your people a competitive advantage. We specialize in boosting performance through people and talent management, functional excellence, and workforce planning programs.

Operational Excellence

With a focus on quality, speed and cost savings, we deliver efficiencies in areas like sourcing, supply chain, quality and compliance, outsourcing/shared services, working capital reduction and fixed asset optimization.

Growth & Innovation

Unleash the potential of critical value and product levers, including pricing, customer segmentation and retention, go-to-market strategy, new product development and salesforce effectiveness to grow/enter new markets and develop innovative new products and services.

Tina Ehrig

Tina Ehrig

Global Head of Strategy and Performance Improvement

Tina Ehrig is the Global Head of Strategy for North Highland and also leads the Performance Improvement Service Line. Tina has helped businesses across the globe transform their business operations to achieve higher performance as well as positively impact the bottom line. Tina specializes in C-suite governance, new ventures, and driving growth through innovation. Tina’s 20+ years in strategy & operational consulting has been focused on driving results for clients within the public sector, retail, healthcare, and hospitality industries.