AI + Cognitive Services

AI+ Cognitive Services

The term Artificial Intelligence means something different for everyone. Our insights aim to inspire and prepare organizations for leveraging AI, machine learning, and automation to go beyond human scale, now and in the future.

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Episode #4: Brian Clements and Using AI To Empower Humans

Dwight Specht and Tyler Brownfield talk to Brian Clements about an AI project he recently worked on and how artificial intelligence should be designed to enabling human capability instead of replacing humans.

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Episode #6: Joni Roylance and the Ethics of Bots

Many organizations are diving into artificial intelligence, whether bots or otherwise. What ethical considerations need to be made? How do you bring a human element into an automated piece of technology? North Highland’s Joni Roylance sits down with Dwight and Tyler to talk more about cognitive ethics and some of the work she’s been part of in that space.

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Michael Hollar

Global Lead, AI & Cognitive Services
Michael Hollar is the Global Lead for our AI & Cognitive Services offering. The last four years he has been building and leading teams at the intersection of experience design, management consulting, enterprise data and emerging tech. He brings over 20 years of data-driven solutions experience to North Highland, with work spanning enterprise data strategy, capability and org development, purpose-built custom solutions, and enterprise analytic applications.

Joni Roylance

Global Lead, AI Readiness
Joni Roylance, Global Lead for AI Readiness at North Highland, is hyper connected to the emotional world of humans and how those emotions impact everything in business. She has over ten years’ experience leading all things people-focused including employee experience design, customer experience enablement, culture definition, talent management, organizational design, and behavioral change.

Brian Clements

Global Lead, Cognitive Solutions
Brian Clements is the AI & Cognitive Solutions Lead for North Highland. Brian is a self-described scientist-builder working to understand how humans partner with machines to solve business problems. Brian is currently helping the world’s largest brands build AI solutions to help their employees manage the complexity of operating beyond human scale. Brian and his team research, design, and develop AI solutions at the intersection of Marketing, Technology, and Data.

Shanil Amalean

Global Lead, Intelligent Automation
Shanil has more than 15 years of consulting experience working with multiple Fortune 500 companies. His capabilities and expertise include process engineering, strategy and operations planning, merger integration, and optimizing business process and IT components of risk and compliance-related programs.

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