Business Intelligence and Analytics

Enfathom, the business intelligence (BI) and data analytics division of North Highland, helps transform data into a dynamic competitive asset. We help companies move past hype, make informed decisions, respond to change, and prepare for the future. We bring together industry experience and technical skill to meet client objectives, boost investment in systems and data, and achieve fast, meaningful results with low risk.

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Meet Enfathom

At Enfathom, we aim to give you rapid, actionable insight into your business. We see it as Science, meets Art, meets Speed.
Meet Enfathom

Your business amasses an avalanche of data every day. The challenge for even the most sophisticated companies is how to use that data to create meaningful competitive advantage.

Our experts assess the value of your data, and help you consider how layering in additional Big Data sources such as social media, unstructured text and machine data could make it significantly more useful. Our sensible, low-risk approach identifies the best ways to leverage insights to solve specific business challenges. We focus on using data analytics to answer questions that advance your enterprise, rather than simply providing technology support. Learn More

Business changes constantly and you have to respond quickly to stay ahead. The central question with any enterprise data strategy is how to define the right data, then structure, manage and share that data to help your employees make better, faster business decisions.

At Enfathom, we know firsthand that every enterprise must have a clear strategy for classifying, storing and disseminating information. However, simply establishing information architecture is not enough. Data resources must be aligned to drive value for the business, or they’re nothing more than an expense. By focusing on value creation–supported by the vital building blocks of effective org design, technology selections and governance–we help you leverage data in powerful new ways to achieve business objectives. Learn More

Enfathom considers your ROI in every engagement, so you can begin using your data right away to drive revenue and manage expense. Because we create business value rather than selling the latest technology, you get unbiased advice on how to produce better, faster insights from your data. And to help keep those insights in front of your teams at all times, our mobile and data visualization experts can design custom tailored anytime-anywhere access to visually rich, digestible dashboards and report formats that let you see and act on patterns immediately. Learn More


Fraser ChristieUK Market Leader, Enfathom

Fraser has more than 20 years of experience as a results-driven leader and strategic planner positively impacting enterprise performance through expert development, enhancement, and management of advanced business and technical solutions for a diverse array of private and public sector firms. He also has skills in strategy, data management, needs assessment, project management, software selection, implementation, training, support, and quality assurance. Fraser is a highly experienced enterprise architect and delivery manager that is deep in information management and customer relationship management and has helped clients align IT resources with business objectives to demonstrably increase revenues, streamline operations and reduce costs. 


Jeff EvernhamNortheast Region Market Leader, Enfathom

Jeff has over 20 years of experience improving business performance through better decision-making.  He has provided business intelligence and analytics solutions to dozens of Fortune 1000 companies across industries such as life sciences, technology, retail, telecom, and financial services. Jeff specializes in bringing the power of complex data into the hands of business leaders clearly and concisely to guide actions that improve results. He also has extensive experience in sales compensation and enterprise performance management. Prior to joining North Highland, Jeff led the development and delivery of analytics solutions for Synygy, a software and consulting services company.


Rob Raiscot

Rob RacicotSoutheast Region Market Leader, Enfathom

Rob is an experienced consultant and thought leader in business intelligence & analytics. Rob has partnered with companies, for over 20 years, to maximize investments in business intelligence solutions and implement data-driven decision making. Rob has led complex business intelligence and data warehousing programs, from inception to benefits realization, including expertise in strategy, program management, governance, master data management and architecture. His experience ranges a wide spectrum of industries, including: Retail, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Life Sciences & Manufacturing. Prior to joining Enfathom Rob held leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies and BI Consulting firms.


Craig Sanders

Craig SandersPresident and Chief Strategist, Enfathom

Craig Sanders has more than 20 years’ experience helping clients obtain and leverage data and analytics to enhance revenue, reduce costs and improve decision-support processes and customer relationships. He has worked in the area of business intelligence, predictive analytics, Big Data, reporting, visualization and planning, budgeting and forecasting. Craig has also worked across the enterprise value chain bringing these solutions to finance, HR, marketing and sales, operations and IT. Prior to joining North Highland, Craig was a senior manager in Andersen’s Business Consulting organization and started his career at Union Pacific Corporation where he worked internal audit, finance and merger integration roles.


Chris McLatcher

Chris McLatcherDirector, Analytics, Enfathom

Chris has over 20 years of experience across a variety of industries delivering enterprise BI & Analytic applications that help companies improve business results by enabling data-driven decisions. As Director of Analytics for Enfathom, Chris’ team is responsible for delivering solutions using advanced analytic tools and techniques. Prior to joining Enfathom, Chris led product development at a software-as-a-service company, introducing new predictive models to help clients proactively manage their workforce.