Experienced Professionals

Learn Something New Everyday

North Highland has a fresh take on what a consulting firm should be. We have a different model which involves management consulting, marketing strategy and creative, business intelligence and analytics, and managed services, working at North Highland will give you the chance to do exceptional work while balancing your life and career.


“Every day at North Highland I learn something new from one of my colleagues. People here are not just smart; they are also innovative, creative, and fun to work with.”

Amanda Expert Practioner

Interview Process

Our culture truly is different, and we work hard to keep it that way. So when it comes to hiring professionals, we ensure that the fit is ideal – for the candidate and for the firm. North Highland consultants are collaborative, smart and leaders. They are motivated to help our clients and team members succeed. We are highly selective. And frankly, our clients and the team wouldn't have it any other way.

What we expect from you

In your role as an experienced professional, we expect that you will provide coaching and mentoring. You should exude passion and energy as an entrepreneurial firm owner, be collaborative, and regularly bring new ideas to the table. Your expertise is critical to leading our service areas, and we will look to you to be innovative and shape firm initiatives.


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