NH360 Application Rationalization

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Set the Right Foundation

Assess and streamline your software environment to improve effectiveness and efficiency, reduce risks, and build your organization’s muscle to adapt—no matter what disruption comes your way.

Value Your Way

Application Portfolio Rationalization is vital to business agility, delivering optimal strategic portfolio management, and refining difference-making business approaches to help you.

Key Features

Determine Your Desired Outcomes

Quickly and easily determine what you want to achieve, whether it’s reducing technical debt, modernizing applications, preparing for Information governance, migrating to the Cloud, consolidating data centers, and more.

Determine Desired Outcomes

Gather Inventories

Consolidate and streamline the standardized capture of inventories across various dimensions with ease.

Gather Inventories

Model the Business

Build a foundation to rationalize data quickly and provide visual anchors for relevant viewpoints.

Model the Business

Distribute Surveys and Analyze Findings

Build fully-integrated surveys, distribute them, collect results, resolve conflicts, and capture the findings. Analyze the results across various dimensions, including Sentiment Analysis, Heat Maps, Application Value Charts, and more.

Distribute Surveys

Plan and Execute Strategy

Use charts and models to develop business cases, programs and projects, migration strategies, business capability maturity plans and more.

Plan and Execute Strategy

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