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Benefits Realization Management aligns all your execution activities with strategy. This Strategic Portfolio Management Accelerator makes it easy to derive all initiatives from strategy through a powerful hub that standardizes, assesses, and tracks performance metrics across every investment.


Key Features

Provides a powerful hub for all strategy

One centralized hub makes it easy to define and effectively communicate business strategy across the business.

Manage all enterprise strategic objectives from one place

Set timelines for achieving each objective

Assign priorities, ownership and segment all objectives

Standardize key metrics and set targets

Establish and define the right financial and non-financial metrics for each strategy and set targets to ensure that outcomes can be measured.

Define financial and non-financial metrics associated with each objective

Determine which metrics will drive the progress of each objective

Configure an appropriate measure for each metric

Manage time-phased targets on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis


Standardize key metrics and set targets

Derive all initiatives directly from strategy

Quickly decompose strategy into the right initiatives needed to drive transformation, and assess portfolio sufficiency to ensure that outcome targets can be met or exceeded.

Create new initiatives and align them to your Strategic Objectives

Understand the value of each initiative by forecasting their impact on one or more metrics

Categorize and describe initiatives using configurable attributes

Standardize scorecards to better prioritize all initiatives

Define key milestones and manage inter-dependencies with other initiatives

Track progress against desired outcomes

Easily track key initiatives and dynamically assess the benefits realized and the performance of each metric.

Track the value realized by initiative, using time-phased actuals on each metric

Re-forecast expected benefits throughout the life of your initiatives

Track metrics on different granularities (monthly, quarterly or annually)

Roll-up initiative-level forecasts and actuals to the metric-level

Assess real-time variance between targets and actuals



Visualize the performance and completion of strategies

Track objectives across the lifetime of all initiatives to understand progress and gauge the probability of success.

Gain visibility into which objectives are lagging relative to original expectations

Drive the progress of objectives based on the completion of underlying metrics

Visualize the alignment of your execution with strategy, using roadmapping tools

Communicate valuable insights to stakeholders using dashboards



Benefits Realization On-Demand Demo

 Explore Benefits Realization features and applications in a quick on-demand demo video.

Mastering Benefits Realization

Hit the Value Jackpot

Benefits realization management is crucial for the success of projects, products, portfolios, and entire enterprises. Our Mastering Benefits Realization guide will help you understand what benefits realization is about, the challenges that make it tricky to execute well, and best practices to enhance outcomes management.

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Every accelerator is designed to be implemented quickly with a minimum amount of configuration. Leveraging best practices garnered from years of successful client engagements, these powerful Accelerators precisely provide the capabilities you need, without the hassle.


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Each one offers robust stand-alone features that can be up and running in just a few days. Plus, since they all work well together, you can easily add more capabilities in any order whenever you're ready. What's even better, each of them is part of the NH360 comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management Platform. This means that with every Accelerator you add, you're one step closer to having all the capabilities necessary to align your investments with your strategy and, ultimately, speed up your transformation journey.


Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management

Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management

Mastering Benefits Realization

Mastering Benefits Realization (Outcome Management)

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