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Project Cost Data Deserves First-Class Citizenship

Tired of work management tools relegating project and program cost data to second class? This Capital Planning accelerator provides you with the visibility and insight you need to manage and optimize all spend.


Key Features

Enjoy a top-down view of all projected costs to support both traditional annual planning and dynamic/continuous planning.

Establish hierarchical enterprise portfolio models to support top-down budgeting at any level (products, value streams, programs, initiatives, or portfolios)

Allocate and govern funds by value stream

Dynamically aggregate financial information from underlying execution (projects or epics) and compare/contrast

Support annual planning model and/or dynamic planning model through block/incremental funding

Capturing Cost Estimates

Consolidate and streamline the standardized capture of all cost estimates across multiple dimensions.

Capture time-phased cost estimates directly from business cases

Break down costs by configurable categories like labor or non-labor, and by allocation centers or funding sources

Update financial data to provide more detail as initiatives change

Establish the appropriate approval controls

Maintain auditable records of all changes

Establish framework to plan for and manage contingencies

Enterprise Budget Tracking and Forecasting

Standardizes and streamlines the entire process of financial reconciliation.

Automatically capture actual costs from ERP systems, and compare/contrast

Re-forecast remainder of budget mid-stream

Gain real time visibility into variance between budgets and actuals

Take Snapshots across the portfolio at any time to support monthly status reporting or quarterly forecasting

Dynamically roll-up actuals and forecasts within your portfolio hierarchy

Report on commitments and track performance of individual POs

Continuous Capital Planning and Reallocation

Enables all investment owners to forecast costs and maintain multi-year roadmaps, supporting the dynamic needs of a continuous planning approach.

Assess investments, see overall performance of portfolio, and identify opportunities to adjust

Automate change management process to govern incremental funding requests and releases

Maintain auditable record of decision and the resulting changes

Maintain a multi-year strategic roadmap while still providing enterprise finance team with an updated annual view


Continuous Planning

Align and Analyze Enterprise Fiscal Planning

Quickly and easily run what-if scenarios to show the impact of any proposed change to your project and program portfolio costs. 

Scenario Planning capabilities enable you to quickly create and analyze portfolio plans

Model the effect of any portfolio change

Visualize and manage all project and portfolio cost information in one place

Maximize benefits and conduct target analysis


Align and Analyze Enterprise Fiscal Planning

Fine-Tune Governance Controls

Provide the right level of governance to all stakeholders to provide an auditable trail of cost information across the lifecycle of your portfolio.

Standardize hierarchical cost structure and dimensions

Determine what information is required at each stage of lifecycle

Use snapshots for auditable records at any stage

Automate funding approvals

Supports multi-currency capabilities

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Every accelerator is crafted for quick implementation with minimal configuration required. They draw from years of successful client engagements and best practices, ensuring you get the capabilities you need without the hassle.


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Each one offers robust stand-alone features that can be up and running in just a few days. Plus, since they all work well together, you can easily add more capabilities in any order whenever you're ready. What's even better, each of them is part of the NH360 comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management Platform. This means that with every Accelerator you add, you're one step closer to having all the capabilities necessary to align your investments with your strategy and, ultimately, speed up your transformation journey.


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