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Project Cost Data Deserves First-Class Citizenship

Tired of work management tools relegating project and program cost data to second class? This Strategic Portfolio Management Accelerator provides you with the visibility and insight you need to manage and optimize all spend.

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Key Features

Top-Down Budgeting

Enjoy a top-down view of all projected costs to support both traditional annual planning and dynamic/continuous planning.

Top Down Budgeting

Capturing Cost Estimates

Consolidate and streamline the standardized capture of all cost estimates across multiple dimensions.

Capturing Cost Estimates

Enterprise Budget Tracking and Forecasting

Standardizes and streamlines the entire process of financial reconciliation.

Enterprise Budget Tracking

Continuous Capital Planning and Reallocation

Enables all investment owners to forecast costs and maintain multi-year roadmaps, supporting the dynamic needs of a continuous planning approach.

Continuous Capital Planning & Reallocation

Align and Analyze Enterprise Fiscal Planning

Quickly and easily run what-if scenarios to show the impact of any proposed change to your project and program portfolio costs. 

Align and Analyze Enterprise Fiscal Planning

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