NH360 Demand Management

Capture innovative ideas and standardize business cases across the enterprise

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Is your organization constantly picking the best from a bad list of projects?  This Strategic Portfolio Management Accelerator brings order to the chaos of demand management, so you can align demand with strategy and ensure that you’re focusing on what will really move the needle.

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Key Features

Capture and Consolidate All Demand

Capture new initiative requests from anywhere within the organization to ensure that the right initiatives are being evaluated and approved on a continuous basis.

Capture Demand

Generate Standardized Business Cases

Trade in those Excel, Word and PowerPoint-based business cases for a standardized demand process that supports better governance and decision making.

Generate Business Cases

More Effective Prioritization and Decision Making

Gain visibility across all projected benefits and outcomes. Quickly and easily establish benefit targets for each portfolio and run analysis to optimize payback timelines.

More Effective Prioritization and Decision Making

Roadmaps help you model the impact of all demand

Powerful and interactive roadmaps help you model the effect of any portfolio change and quickly sort through all demand.


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