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Beacon 2021

By surveying industry leaders, our Beacon report identifies the top strategic priorities for this year and provides recommendations on how to take action.


Invest, accelerate, and succeed

Your client, workforce, and operational strategies should evolve as the market changes. Keeping pace calls for a flexible working model. We partner with firms of all sizes – including 21 of the top 25 global financial institutions – to capitalize on growth opportunities. By differentiating client and employee experiences (as well as ways of working), we’re your ideal partner for accelerating your current vision, and leading it somewhere new.

How We Help

Data use

Data fuels sustainable growth. We partner with you to build a profitable client segmentation that’s data-driven. It includes customized data rationalization and reporting at your enterprise, business or team level.  

Digital acceleration

We combine our digital enablement capabilities with industry expertise to develop end-to-end solutions and accelerate front, middle and back office efficiencies and experiences.

Growth strategies

We help you realize your vision of success by developing and implementing customized strategic growth strategies. We blend digital, data, and people to bring your differentiated value prop to life.

Operational efficiency

Since change never slows for financial services, you need an always-on focus for efficiency and OER. This is where we step in. Our team – drawn from many disciplines – will identify, design and implement operational efficiencies.

Retail banking & lending

Whether you’re refining deposit product management, operations, or consumer and mortgage lending, we can help. Our combined expertise in customer and employee experience, digital enablement, and finance, are just a few of the strengths we bring to enable faster growth for your consumer banking business.

Risk, regulatory & compliance implementation

We help you embrace uncertainty by building internal capabilities around risk management, controls, and compliance. All so that you can adapt faster, smarter and for greater returns.

Wealth & asset management

In times of exponential change, we help wealth and asset management firms rethink their priorities. From operational efficiency and growth to risk mitigation with an emphasis on advisor success, digital enablement and future business models, we’ll shape your plans like never before.

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The Next Horizon for Financial Services

Jill Jacques

Jill Jacques

Global Financial Services Lead

Jill Jacques has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, in both the retail and institutional lines of business. She leads a diverse group of consultants, helping retail and institutional clients creatively solve the complex problems facing the financial services industry.

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