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Serving the most vulnerable populations is hard enough without complex funding and regulatory demands. But our health and human services team can help you improve outcomes while delivering critical services like never before. We work with our HHS partners to plan, procure, implement, and manage processes and solutions in the domains of Medicaid, change and transformation, data and business process interoperability, and health information strategy.

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Seeking to manage risk? Modernize legacy systems? You might be held back by fixed agency and departmental structures – they make a cross-cutting architecture difficult to take on. But our hands-on experience lets you make the right moves for Medicaid. Whatever the complexity, we’ll help you solve it.

Integrated Eligibility Systems

Planning, funding approval, design, implementation – we’ve supported it all for statewide, integrated eligibility systems. That’s because we know the vendor community, understand the underlying drivers, and offer strategic execution that ensures project success.

Health Insurance Marketplaces

We partner with states and platform vendors in the management, design, development, testing and roll-out of health-based exchange marketplaces. Our experience working on multiple marketplaces has resulted in State Based Exchange platforms that operate correctly and efficiently and ensure the quality of the marketplace service.

Health Information Exchange

Our technical knowledge is deep and far-ranging. We’ll share our subject matter expertise for system and architectural requirements, solutions procurement, and change management to help you achieve desired goals.

Child Welfare

At-risk kids need the very best support from people who understand the child welfare system inside-out. So when it comes to policies, practices and the key steps that lead to effective outcomes, we’re your safest bet for guidance.

Healthcare Financial Management

To date, we’ve helped HHS agencies gain approval for $1.3 billion in federal funding for various healthcare programs. We can build your business case, refine Federal Advance Planning Documents and state budget processes, as well as plan cost allocation and administrative rate reviews.

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Barbara Ray

Managing Director and President, Client Services

Barbara has more than 25 years of experience leading profitable strategies for clients across industries. Her growth and leadership initiatives have been instrumental in generating greater client value and inspiring ingenuity and integrity within the firm and with clients.

Rick Zelznak

Rick Zelznak

Vice President

Rick is a consultant with the North Highland Company. He has more than 25 years of experience in Public Sector Health & Human Service (HHS) policy, technology and financial management. Specific areas of expertise include complex program and project management, strategy development, stakeholder engagement and communications, vendor procurement and oversight and financial management. Rick leads the Public Sector Health and Human Services Practice area for North Highland. ​

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