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Surviving and thriving requires constant innovation.

For healthcare organizations, competing in today’s ever shifting political, regulatory, and marketplace climate requires "always-on" transformation. Our healthcare team is skilled at identifying the key market drivers that are pushing the industry forward. We have honed advisory and program implementation services designed to provide the insights needed to expand your mission today and into the future.

How We Help

Consumer Acquisition and Retention

We help design experiences with measurable impact to customer and business value, inform strategic partnerships around consumer needs, and embed best practices from other industries.

Specialty Pharmacy

We help open new and profitable revenue streams, strengthen the patient care continuum, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

Healthcare Integration

We create an immersive experience that ensures collective understanding around roles, responsibilities, processes, and governance following an acquisition.

Health Plans

Whether it’s managing growth and margins, developing strategic collaborations, understanding member experiences, or wrapping your arms around new technologies that can impact company performance – we get it and we can help.

Hospitals, Health Systems, and Providers

We help design and activate the strategies needed to sustain resiliency in a value-based world.

Medical Device and Diagnostic Organizations

We help you adapt and thrive amidst evolving regulatory environment, merger integration challenges, and need to create value.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies

From honing in on the voice of the patient to understanding the impact of AI on drug development, we work with the world’s leading organizations to capitalize on these challenges.

Healthcare IT Innovators

As a results-driven partner with expertise from strategy through front-line delivery, we help IT organizations tackle product development, client access, and financial viability challenges.

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The Enduring Impact on Healthcare Delivery

The Enduring Impact on Healthcare Delivery

Defining the Potential of Experience Transformation
Case Studies

Defining the Potential of Experience Transformation

Powering Coronavirus Defense with Meaningful Change

Powering Coronavirus Defense with Meaningful Change

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How Health Execs Can Capitalize on Key Trends Shaping 2020

Evolving Along the Payor-Provider Continuum
White papers

Evolving Along the Payor-Provider Continuum

Amy Andersen

Vice President & Global Healthcare Industry Leader

Bringing over 20 years of healthcare industry experience, Amy's expertise includes helping clients adapt and innovate while navigating the changing healthcare landscape. Amy also focuses on helping clients develop and mobilize strategies that drive value, quality, access, and efficiency in value-based environments.

Nancy Schultz

Vice President & Client Executive

Nancy has more than 28 years of management consulting experience. Her consulting experience includes large program and project management experience across many industries, including healthcare, retail, and hospitality. Specific program experience includes process improvement, program management office creation and execution, and vendor selection and implementation.

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