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The growing pains of change.

Those who serve growing populations face increased demands, limited resources and heightened risk as they work to make the world a better place, one citizen at a time. We help leaders in government in all levels accomplish more with greater efficiencies. We understand the unique challenges of the public sector, and specialize in mitigating risk and delivering value that positively impacts both the bottom line and society at large.

How We Help

Strategic Planning And Business Cases

We apply a localized perspective and experience to conduct assessments and feasibility studies; secure funding; and define roadmaps with data-driven benchmarking. 

Procurement Lifecycle Strategy

From market scans and negotiation support to internal strategy development and change management, our experienced leaders help reduce risk and drive greater value in the procurement process.

Program & Project Management

Our program and project management services apply localized expertise and PMO gold standards to orchestrate large system replacements, and skillfully synchronize moving parts and people to complete programs and projects on time, within budget and in perfect harmony.

Data & Analytics

We partner with public agencies to organize, analyze and share data in ways that support decision-making and spur citizen engagement, while improving governance, data exchange and system inter-operability.

Human Capital & Change Management

We deliver human capital strategies for the changing workforce. Equipped with industry leading practices and talent management approaches, our team stands ready to accelerate your human capital programs towards becoming more aligned, agile, and impactful.

Process Improvement

We work with public agencies across the globe to unlock new efficiencies with smarter, faster, and more cost-effective ways of working, going beyond one-time fixes to establish cultures of continuous improvement.

Experience Design

We bring expertise in people-centered design to the public sector, while aligning to government standards and principles. We conduct research to inform the design of solutions that create more engaging and meaningful user experiences.

General Government Services

We offer government entities a full range of public sector consulting services to align strategies, improve operations and efficiency, empower people, manage suppliers, leverage technology, and expand citizen services.

Health and Human Services

We help government organizations effectively manage and implement aligned systems, initiatives, and priorities to deliver the very best client outcomes.


We provide strategic guidance to transportation organizations to keep economies thriving.


We provide services to improve programs and processes and promote student success, giving educators the tools to educate our children, developing our world’s future leaders.

UK Central and Local Government

From strategy formulation to execution, we bring a breadth of expertise to design UK Central and Local Government solutions with the needs of people at the core. We are focused on organisational alignment, generating sustainable efficiencies, and embedding the use of technology to create differentiated results.


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Ben Grinnell FBCS

Managing Director

Ben Grinnell is a Managing Director leading our Technology & Digital Service Line. Ben has been with North Highland for 12 years advising technology leaders on applying next generation IT to transform the way organisations gain speed and agility. He is a recognised thought leader and driver in the DevOps movement and its application in transforming enterprise technology. He is also a fellow of the British computer society. 

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