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The Growing Pains of Change

Those who serve growing populations face increased demands, limited resources, and heightened risk as they work to make the world a better place. We help leaders in government accomplish more with greater efficiencies. We understand the unique challenges of the public sector and specialize in mitigating risk and delivering value that positively impacts both the bottom line and society at large.

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Health and Human Services

We work with our HHS partners to get more from their transformation investments by crafting and implementing shared infrastructure and workforce strategies designed to generate greater value and lasting change.


We help transportation organizations of all kinds – from Departments of Transportation and tolling agencies to transit systems and airports – transform their businesses by taking advantage of future trends in mobility.

Emergency Management

We offer services to help state and local government emergency management entities provide critical resources to those businesses and citizens directly impacted by disasters.  Our command center provides a full suite of capabilities to administer the entire disaster response and recovery program. 


We help regulatory agencies optimize programs to deliver fair and protective services that directly benefit citizens and businesses.  We offer services to create more efficient processes with internal operations and customer service strategies that make it easier to adhere to regulatory laws. 


We work with leaders in federal government to support their public service missions and bring better services to the American public. 

General Government Services

We support state and local governmental agencies from all subsectors in their quest to provide more efficient and effective services for their locales, from strategy through execution.

Our Work In Action


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OMNIA Partners, the leading cooperative purchasing organization for public sector procurement, has awarded us a Strategic Management Consulting Contract. Utilizing resources and solutions that result in cooperative purchasing contracts that ensure all public agencies receive services of the highest quality, OMNIA Partners simplifies the procurement process.

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