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Retail and Consumer Products

The retail landscape is being redrawn.

Today’s retail landscape is changing as a result of numerous technological and societal disruptions, from the growth of mobile devices as a retail channel to generational shifts in purchase behavior. Sixteen out of Fortune 500’s 110 retail and consumer products companies use us to connect their brands with consumers, optimize the use of sales channels, make supply chains more efficient, and enable information technology to drive business growth and consumer engagement.

How We Can Help

Brand & Product Management

We help retailers and consumer product companies develop memorable brand experiences and innovative product designs that connect with the “always-on” consumer.

Merchandising & Planning

We work with clients to develop strategies and processes around category management, assortment planning, and product pricing to ensure that these expectations are met.

Store Operations

We partner with clients to help them optimize their use of in-store labor, point of sale technology, and on-hand inventory.

Supply Chain Excellence

We adapt existing structures and systems to incorporate digital channels such as mobile and e-commerce to ensure that costs are contained while margins are maintained.


We leverage multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients plan, structure and execute on an omnichannel service model.

Connected Experience

We bring expertise in digital and CX to provide your customers with impactful experiences every step of the way.


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Jennifer Merritt

Client Executive Vice President

Jennifer Merritt is North Highland's Global Retail Lead, serving as Account Executive for key retail clients and leading the firm's retail and consumer packaged goods industry community. She and her teams drive consulting engagements and pursuits in the areas of Customer Experience, Performance Improvement, Transformation, and Technology & Digital.

Andrew Billings

Supply Chain Lead & Retail Industry Expert

Andrew Billings is a principal and senior leader in North Highland’s Retail and CPG practice. He has a decade of management consulting experience within retail, apparel and consumer products industries, including wholesale organizations, vertical retailers, manufacturers, department stores, and big-box retailers.

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