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Energy and Utilities

Utilities are the silent enablers of our modern way of life.

Every time a switch is flipped, or a computer is powered on, a utility partner is instrumental in making it happen by delivering a jolt of electricity through highly complex power grids. Now, the utility industry is facing critical challenges driven by impending, mandatory evolution to meet energy needs and public opinion demands – while lacking the necessary internal direction to meet such goals.

As utility companies are facing constant change, North Highland takes a people-centered approach to expertly leads our utility clients through the business transformation required to address these challenges leveraging our capabilities in people and change, cyber-security, data and analytics, experience design, process and business analysis, program and project management, and strategy.

How We Help

Data Analytics

Unleash your organization’s potential with analytics and insights that help you describe, predict and improve performance. We bring together industry experience and technical skill to meet client objectives, boost investment in systems and data, and achieve fast, meaningful results that you can trust, with low risk.

Workforce Development

We lead utilities companies through workforce transition strategy and execution, and training and development, to turn challenges into greater opportunity.

Evolved Experience

We take an end-to-end, ecosystem approach to designing and deploying meaningful customer interactions across multiple channels, all while building and embedding lasting customer experience capabilities into utilities company’s DNA.

Managed Services

We deliver an enhanced capability within the client organization by embedding people over an extended duration. Our model attracts the best talent in the market and creates a highly skilled and engaged workforce to help deliver on your most critical strategic initiatives.

Asset Protection

We work with utilities to protect their valuable grid assets -through cybersecurity strategies, building business continuity and emergency management plans, meeting required physical protections for NERC CIP, and rolling out safety programs.

Grid Modernization

We help utility clients face this challenge as they integrate new technologies and maximize the value of existing assets no matter how disruptive forces may change the way the grid is operated.

The Power of Integrated Operational Resilience

The Power of Integrated Operational Resilience


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Steve Kinney

Vice President

Steve Kinney is a Vice President with over 25 years of consulting experience. He specializes in consulting to clients in the Energy & Utilities segment, with expertise in change management, business process improvement, and leading complex business transformation initiatives.

Tom Brim


Tom Brim has 20 years of leadership and management consulting experience. He has worked directly for group unit leads and chief operating officers at large organizations to translate and support the execution of strategies by leading complex initiatives. Tom specializes in the electrical utilities space with a focus on distributed energy resources