A New Model for Consulting: The Value Proposition of Cordence Worldwide.

North Highland was founded to empower clients, colleagues, and communities to achieve aspirations while building lasting, caring relationships. Our founders believed that a different way of consulting was needed – one that managed with compassion and respect for the long-term success of an organization. The work would be focused on accountability and sustainable results, and thus, North Highland came to be. In 2004, North Highland began looking for how to provide that same level of customer intimacy, but now on a global scale.

Oresys, a leading French consultancy, was considering this same challenge – a better way to do business globally. One where they could maintain their autonomy, continue to leverage their market knowledge and benefit from exchanging capabilities and gaining global insights from others around the world.

It was from these beginnings that North Highland and Oresys conceived Cordence Worldwide. There was no acquisition; only a commitment to mutually cooperate and help one another thrive in their respective markets. The Cordence model is simple. Cordence exists to grow the revenues of its member firms by fostering cooperation and helping them develop business together. North Highland partners with leading independent consultancies in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe: each with deep expertise defining and implementing strategic solutions; each with the autonomy to effectively address clients’ specific business and cultural needs; all sharing a singular commitment to long-term client success. ​ The Cordence consultancies share references, solutions, capabilities, consultants, and expertise to the benefit of their clients. Together, the member firms of Cordence Worldwide have a geographic footprint that spans more than 65 offices and 22 countries.

The partnership supports North Highland clients through industry expertise and functional knowledge:

  • Industry experts form communities which meet regularly and collaborate on industry insights, bringing global trends to clients and providing expertise to support clients in countries around the world.
  • Functional groups help develop solutions that can support clients in today's volatile world.

With access to over 2,800 consultants around the globe, Cordence member firms can deliver best-in-class solutions to their clients on a global scale. Cordence members leverage expert knowledge and demonstrate the capabilities necessary to deliver global work. Cordence Worldwide defies traditional consultancy models by fostering collaboration while championing independence and offers consultancies with global ambitions a better alternative for serving their clients.  The unique value and diversity of each member firm is embraced and leveraged to build upon one another’s strengths and capabilities, to the benefit of our clients.