Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

Experience Design Case Study

By the year 2050, it is plausible that autonomous vehicles (AVs) will go from a science-fiction dream to our present-day reality. Along the way, AVs will disrupt many current industries and traditional revenue streams. The impact will be first felt in automotive-centric business models and business functions. If the future of transportation is electric, organizations within the oil and gas industry will be left grappling with how to shift their business strategies and adapt to continuously evolving customer expectations, while maintaining relevancy and market dominance.

Our client strived to capitalize on this gray space to position itself as a definitive leader in the AV age, a pioneer of the customer journey of the future, and a trailblazer of a new path for all organizations to follow.

In partnership with the client, we designed future product and service value propositions and a roadmap that allowed the company to reimagine, revolutionize, and refresh within the AV revolution.