Enhanced Portfolio Visibility

This case study looks at how North Highland's powerful NH360 portfolio management platform, helped a popular snack company switch to a single, cloud-based global project management process, getting rid of inefficiencies and reducing unnecessary data entry.


Client Situation

The client wanted a solution to boost innovation globally. They had three main goals: make portfolio processes simpler and automated, shift to the cloud for needed customizations, and set up new data points, metrics, and standardized reports to better back their focus on portfolios.


Our Approach

We leveraged NH360 to:

  1. Make the investment process smoother and less risky.
  2. Support both a fixed yearly and a flexible, ongoing planning process.
  3. Improve financial visibility overall.
  4. Bring in a significant improvement in portfolio reporting features.
  5. Manage project demand by "soft locking" 90% of approved projects halfway through the year.


Value Delivered

  • Revamped portfolio process for visibility across all initiatives.
  • Simplified the demand management process.
  • Updated the appearance and organization of fields, grouping them into tabs, and more. Allowing users to build project roadmaps with milestones quickly.
  • Added program management features and controls.
  • Improved financial visibility and the ability to track actual spend pacing.
  • Enabled resource requirements capture for better capacity planning. Includes non-IT projects in the portfolio with a separate workflow.
  • Standardized dashboards and reports for various reporting groups, covering portfolio, financials, project management, resources, and process efficiency.
  • Adjusted governance to include strategic alignment, capability-driven, financials, and portfolio reviews—all critical for dynamic planning tower portfolio reviews.

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