Fueling the Digital Core With Future-Proof IT Architecture

The promise of digital transformation—modernized IT systems that drive a better experience for your customers, streamlined business operations, and improved insights for your employees—is compelling. Yet, pulling it off requires a robust digital core of modern platforms and operating capabilities that integrate the activities of customers, the workforce, and operational business units. Bringing the blended expertise of our Data & Analytics and Technology teams, we partnered with a leading food services, facilities, and uniform services corporation to deliver the complex IT modernization at the heart of digital transformation. By implementing a centralized data store for customer and operations data, and a solution to integrate key data points across business systems, we helped the organization power continuous transformation through its digital core.

Client Situation

Our client's data was fragmented and market-specific, with a legacy unsupported route accounting and accounts receivable system that had separate system instances for different geographic regions. Overall, the organization’s data and application integration architecture was complex and unreliable. As a result, it was challenging to maintain consistent data across systems to streamline operations, enable key business growth initiatives, and analyze the business across product, customer, and operational dimensions.

Scalability and performance were also key challenges. The client wanted to modernize its infrastructure to provide a reliable foundation of mission-critical applications that could support business operations and provide the transparency needed for growth. It needed a centralized method for integrating data across systems and maintaining data quality. At the same time, the company sought to improve real-time operational data access, which would enhance reliability, reduce maintenance and support needs, and ensure extensibility.

North Highland partnered with the client to replace the point-to-point data integration architecture with an evolved, highly scalable data architecture.


Gartner_North Highland Digital Accolade BadgeValue Delivered

By upgrading aging systems with best-in-class modern applications and data integration architecture, North Highland enabled the client to drive initiatives around business growth, mobile computing, advanced business analytics, and customer experience. An evolved infrastructure improved data consistency and reliability across markets. Revamped operational fulfillment capabilities fueled revenue growth. The client can now move data seamlessly across customer, product, order, and fulfillment systems. Plus, our value reached far beyond technology. Through Agile techniques, we helped our client transform its operating model, while upskilling employees to sustain those practices. As a result, the client has the technologies, analytical tools, ways of working, and critical efficiencies to sustain its digital core.

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