Global Fast Food Retailer

Implementing a more robust talent development program through a simple and elegant digital app.

The Ask

Our client was struggling to recruit and develop the right talent. For talented people in the organisation, it was equally as frustrating. Career feedback was rarely given and even then, from a distant line manager. They needed a big shake up.

The Solution

We approached our client with a simple and colourful talent management app that could be used on the go. The app allowed participants to capture feedback as and when it happens, providing more timely information for meaningful development conversations. Launching to a pilot community, we worked with their teams to validate the product and further refine it to their specific needs.

The Results

The app enjoyed 75% employee uptake in the five days after launch. Employees and management were thrilled with the results. Over time, we have continued to embed and evolve the app based on new feedback and customer insight.