Integrated Strategic Portfolio Management Solution

In this case study, we explore how North Highland employed a controlled single source of truth to ensure effective Portfolio Governance, Demand Management, Project Delivery, and Reporting.


Client Situation

The client needed a project and portfolio solution to make sure project and portfolio commitments are tracked and met, a task that wasn't efficiently achievable through manual or other existing solutions. They wanted a PPM solution that could create a controlled, single source of truth.


Our Approach and Value

We used NH360, a solution that integrates key capabilities with Microsoft Project Online. This solution also:

  • Created a clear view of our projects and data structure for consistency across the organization.
  • Improved reporting for a better understanding of our investment requisitions and project progress.
  • Adapted to changing business conditions by building different scenarios.
  • Streamlined the investment requisition process through digitization.
  • Prioritized projects with a focus on customer and value-led approaches.
  • Standardized how we capture project data to understand changes and deviations.
  • Visualized and managed project roadmaps, including cross-project dependencies.
  • Automated and standardized reporting, reducing manual work.
  • Monitored progress against targets with exception reporting.
  • Centralized reporting for quick insights into business cases.

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