Integrating All Projects and Investments

In this case study, we explore how North Highland's comprehensive strategic portfolio management platform, NH360, streamlined ways of working and operating investments across 2,000 projects.


Client Situation

A global oil and gas company, known for its involvement in upstream, downstream, and trading activities worldwide, previously used a variety of disconnected and disparate systems for Project Portfolio Management (PPM). These systems proved to be costly, inefficient, and lacked the necessary level of control essential for managing investments across the entire enterprise.


Our Approach

To tackle the many issues stemming from the absence of a unified system for managing investments and projects, we opted for a single industry-standard platform to:

  1. Facilitate efficient management, execution, and visibility into all projects, programs, and portfolios across the enterprise.
  2. Provide top-down planning capabilities supported by detailed bottom-up project plans, leading to improved business outcomes.
  3. Augment visibility and controls to uphold compliance and reduce costs.
  4. Furnish financial and resource management capabilities to quickly adapt budgets and resources as business objectives evolve.


Value Delivered

Streamlined all investments and projects: Implemented a user-friendly three-step workflow enriched with multiple financial dimensions to oversee the creation and approval of all projects and investments.

Boosted resource management and collaboration: Empowered approximately 2,000 employees and contractors globally by enhancing resource request, time writing, and project site capabilities. This comprehensive system now efficiently manages around $1 billion of capital and operating investments distributed across 2,000 projects.

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