Manage Engineers and Delivery Across Refineries

This case study looks at how North Highland's supported an Oil & Gas company in overseeing all engineers, planning, and tracking their efforts using NH360. This way, they can allocate hours more effectively across refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide.


Client Situation

The Corporate Engineering department backs refineries and petrochemical plants to boost production, cut down on waste, and offer unplanned support for onsite issues. The Project Management Office aimed to replace several in-house solutions with an integrated strategic portfolio management solution for more efficient resource and milestone management.


Our Approach

To assist the client in merging the portfolio management tasks of Corporate Engineering and the Project Management Office, we created a solution to:

  1. Prioritize and manage projects based on resource demand and capabilities.
  2. Support annual planning and beyond.
  3. Enhance metrics quality by comparing planned, committed, and actual effort.
  4. Set up a collaboration hub for all important project data.
  5. Offer project management best practices, advice, guidance, support, and resources to ensure alignment with the organization’s strategy.


Value Delivered

  • Prioritizing, Resourcing, and Hitting Milestones: With one platform powered by NH360, resource managers can handle the assignment and allocation of engineer resources, while strategic planners can oversee crucial milestones for capital investments. This setup supports change and document management, reporting, and business intelligence.

  • Spreading Plans and Actuals across Sites: Actuals can now be compared with planned values and linked to the respective refineries and plants. This enables Corporate Engineering to objectively allocate all investments across all sites.

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