Managing Organizational Transformation

In this case study, we explore how North Highland uses NH360 to create one automated single source of truth that combines robust scheduling capabilities with efficient methods for managing status, recruitment, and financials.


Client Situation

The Global Business Services department of a global oil and gas company, underwent a significant organizational transformation. It brought together two halves of the company, merging Upstream and Downstream into a unified entity. This move reflects the company's new identity with a renewed focus on renewable energy.


Our Approach

For this global transformation, the client needed strategic portfolio management platform to:

  1. Handle both transformation and transition projects using a controlled workflow.
  2. Allow Project Managers to handle weekly status updates.
  3. Combine key milestones into roadmaps, breaking down projects into subprojects while keeping relationships intact for reporting.
  4. Manage roles and candidates throughout the project life, automatically integrating status updates from HR.
  5. Handle the cost budget, forecast, and actuals, along with corresponding benefits expressed in headcount.


Value Delivered

  • Improved Status Updates: Now, top-down status updates are made at the project level without the need to update each related subproject individually. With one-click reports, the team can swiftly spot red or amber projects and export all project-on-a-page reports to PowerPoint in one go.

  • Streamlined Recruitment and Human Resources: Updates on staffing and candidates from the Human Resources department are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a smooth end-to-end transition for the transformation.

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