Stagnant Struggles, Fresh Solutions in Health & Human Services


A large U.S. state agency embarked on a state-wide technology transformation and recognized that the people, processes, and ways of working surrounding the new technology needed to transform in parallel. We partnered with the agency to conduct a comprehensive analysis of its organizational structure—examining everything from employee skillsets and career paths to job descriptions and core internal processes—to understand what needed to evolve alongside the technology.  

Our partnership centered on taking a people-centric, skills-first approach to transformation, and resulted in a restructured organization designed to foster change readiness. 

Among other upgrades, the new structure:

  • Prioritized skills and capability building
  • Enhanced individual development planning and goal-setting
  • Cultivated leadership growth
  • Increased transparency around career progression
  • Clarified job roles
  • Strengthened employee performance evaluations

This multi-faceted partnership equipped talent with the mindsets and skillsets necessary to maximize the return on the agency’s technology investment.


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