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Reshaping Leadership and the Future of Human Resources

Our client, a global consumer products company, recognized the critical need to evolve its human resources function and develop the next generation of leaders to drive transformation and future success. To achieve this, North Highland is partnering with the company to reimagine the role of HR, define a future-state operating model, and build essential leadership skills and capabilities.

This strategic partnership involves:  

  • Developing leaders. Defining and nurturing core leadership competencies to fortify the current team and groom future leaders. We are helping the company establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure leadership development progress and value realization. From a succession planning perspective, we have developed an "influence index" that leverages objective, science-backed criteria to identify transformational leader attributes, aiding the client in identifying high-potential talent and strengthening the current leadership cohort.
  • Crafting a vision and horizons. Creating a well-defined future HR vision and outlining the strategic steps necessary to achieve it.
  • Revamping the HR operating model. Realigning work through the lenses of routine, complex, and innovative tasks to optimize resource allocation and create capacity for innovation.
  • Channeling work for the greatest impact. Prioritizing core skills, capabilities, and initiatives to carve out capacity to innovate and prioritize transformational work. This involves a strategic assessment of capabilities: identifying those that need to be developed internally, acquired externally, leveraged through partnerships or collaborations, and those that can be automated or streamlined through technology. This pragmatic approach ensures that HR's efforts are channeled towards high-impact, future-focused activities that drive meaningful change.

These strategic initiatives are designed to empower the company to create a future-ready workforce that is well-equipped to drive innovation, adapt to changing market dynamics, and achieve sustainable growth.