Tying Ambition to Action on the Transformation Journey


A strong vision and brand purpose forge an important link between a brand and its customer experience (CX), inspiring employees to elevate the experiences they deliver and drive higher value beyond the transactional benefits of a product or service. Our client lacked the visionary direction it needed to embed patient and provider-focused customer centricity as the guiding core of its marketing strategy and operations. The organization had successfully adopted advanced ways of working, applying Agile methodologies and digital capabilities. It had also prioritized several standalone customer-centric initiatives; however, it lacked an overarching CX vision and strategy that permeated every area of the business. The company enlisted us to articulate a long-term CX vision, establish a CX strategy rooted in patient- and provider-centricity, assess its current CX capabilities, and produce a prioritized roadmap of activities that would drive shareholder value.

Our approach kept teams aligned so they could move more quickly to create value.


Our work culminated in a distinct CX vision, design principles, and a prioritized roadmap built to meet patient and provider needs, cultivate lasting relationships, and drive shareholder value. By engaging multiple stakeholders to build the prioritization model and determine value drivers, our approach kept teams aligned so they could move more quickly to create value. Along the way, we ensured that the customer vision and strategy aligned with the organization’s overarching business strategy, so that all efforts fed the growth vision for the company. Throughout the engagement, we infused scenario and design thinking principles and tools. These techniques ensured solutions were grounded in patient and provider needs, accelerated innovation and iteration for quicker customer responsiveness, and increased cross-functional visibility through co-creation. We also created a canvas-based playbook of design thinking tools, leaving the client with the resources it needs to implement and sustain customer-centric capabilities and ways of working beyond the confines of our engagement.