Beacon 2021: Life Sciences

Based on our annual survey of over 120 cross-functional industry leaders, life sciences organizations are prioritizing cybersecurity, operational efficiency, and new market(s) penetration/growth to achieve their positive revenue expectations in 2021. As industry players face pandemic-related pressures, they report feeling slightly more resource strapped (20 percent) and time strapped (19 percent) than leaders we spoke with from other industries. In spite of this, nearly half of respondents in the life sciences industry say they are excited (49 percent) and inspired (41 percent) to address this year’s strategic agenda.

For the most part, life sciences leaders are feeling confident about tackling their top strategic priorities in 2021. In fact, 94 percent of those we surveyed believe that cybersecurity is attainable, while a total of 83 percent and 82 percent see operational efficiency and new market(s) penetration/growth as attainable, respectively. With that said, one area that is troubling industry leaders is the wellness and safety of employees and customers. Just 67 percent of respondents see it as attainable in the new year, which may be a result of their deep knowledge of long-term threats surrounding the pandemic.

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