Changemakers: The Culture Edition

Today’s business landscape is ruled by continuous transformation. While many leaders recognize the need to constantly evolve in order to remain competitive in this environment, most still struggle to identify and execute a strategy that leads to lasting change.

To propel continuous transformation, companies must configure systems and structures that enable them to adapt. Making these systems and structures work together effectively begins with culture, which includes attitudes, values, and beliefs reflected in ways of behaving and working. Importantly, cultures that support continuous change and transformation—what we call “change-ready” cultures—don’t create themselves. A company’s culture must be intentionally designed and managed to create the right conditions for employees to engage and take risks in support of change.

Strong cultures that are well-positioned to respond to and support continuous transformation are intentionally designed with a few common characteristics. In this e-book, we’ll look at how three important traits of culture can impact your ability to continuously transform. We’ll also offer practical ways you can strengthen your culture to support your transformation efforts in 2021 and beyond.