Made for Change: Your Next, and Last, Business Imperative

Year after year, the value and outcomes leaders hope to achieve through digital excellence, data-driven decision-making, and best-in-class customer experience remain elusive. Discussed dutifully across board meetings, shareholder calls, and conference rooms worldwide, they’re the incantation of the modern corporate leader—sought-after strands in the DNA of successful transformation.

It’s a curious phenomenon: Year after year, why do these priorities (among others like them) continue to fuel such fervent dialogue among the leadership ranks? Why is there still an insatiable appetite for articles, podcasts, and white papers vowing to help leaders navigate these topics once and for all?

It comes down to today’s climate of constant change: Customer behavior and preferences are unpredictable. Innovation yields new digital capabilities. Ever-more insightful forms of data raise the competitive stakes. Unlike slower-to-evolve capabilities and functions such as accounting, legal, or treasury, the requisites for transformation—including digital excellence, data-driven decision-making, and customer experience—are constantly evolving. Still, leaders often try to extract value from them in a fixed fashion, applying the same rigidity as they do to some of the more static areas of the business.

Successful businesses are made for change. These businesses employ an intentional method for flexibility—one that drives value and manages risk by enabling change little and often. People and culture power a made-for-change future. In this perspective, our CEO, Alex Bombeck, explores:

  • Why it's time to set the foundation for a made-for-change future.
  • The value of changing little and often on your made-for-change journey.
  • How to achieve a made-for-change future through your people and culture.
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