Continuous Transformation Starts with Culture

Wield your culture to prepare for the extraordinary.

Today’s market landscape requires continuous change and an eye on generating value that simultaneously meets customer, workforce, and operational needs. In this climate, organizations must cast aside fixed mindsets that consider transformation as an event. Instead, the path forward is a journey of perpetual improvement. The functional reorganizations, acquisitions, and systems implementations that once seemed painstaking now need to become seamless. Embedded. Automatic.

To propel continuous transformation, companies need to configure systems and structures that enable them to adapt. Making these systems and structures work together effectively starts with culture, which includes attitudes, values, and beliefs reflected in ways of behaving and working.

Ultimately, culture determines whether a company seizes new opportunities or founders in the face of disruption.

Developed by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in association with North Highland, this report outlines how leaders can build a culture to sustain continuous transformation.