Driving Experience with Insights: Questioning the Way to a Customer-Centric, Data-Driven Culture

Have a CX/Data Challenge?

Without a data-driven culture in place, organizations will inherently struggle to connect with customers in ways that turn them into dedicated long-term purchasers and company loyalists. For organizational leaders to begin shifting employees’ ways of working toward a customer-centric data-driven culture, they must move from single-angle views of customers to a contextualized understanding centered on customers’ purchasing and interaction history, their next purchase and interaction, and what needs they wish an organization could meet. Businesses must understand this at an individual customer level and also broadly across their customer base.
The ultimate solution isn’t to add another technology solution or to continue increasing the complexity of an organization’s analytics capabilities. Instead, organizations must transform their culture into one that can answer five critical questions about their customers. By answering these questions in order, organizations can focus their efforts and uncover CX value at the intersection of business and customer needs.