Leading the PMO Into an Agile World

PMO 2.0 – How the PMO Can Accelerate the Benefits of Your Agile Transformation?

The following report draws on the results of a North Highland-sponsored survey conducted in April 2018. The survey identified the emerging trends in technology domains, along with the tactics and techniques that correlate to digital effectiveness. This report utilizes those insights to spotlight opportunities for organizations to generate greater value from project management.

Key Takeaways 

The problem: As an increasing number of organizations move towards Agile, they must adopt ways of working that embrace change and preserve value creation. This style of working often runs counter to the command-and-control system of the PMO.

The analysis: Agile can ultimately increase the value of the PMO and maintain its primary objective: returning benefits to the larger enterprise in a measurable, predictable, and efficient manner.

The solution: North Highland has identified the elements of the PMO that are universally valuable, offering actionable insight into how organizations can carry these elements into a large-scale Agile transformation:

  • Governance
  • Return on Investment 
  • Delivery approaches

As organizations embark on Agile transformations, the world around them is changing. New terminology, new roles, new delivery practices, and a dramatic shift in mindset are just a few causes for confusion. But one thing hasn’t changed: Every employee is a piece of a larger system that requires delivery on projects with an intended ROI for the business. For a generation of workers, the ROI of projects has been measured, managed, and protected by people, processes, and technologies centered on command and control. Complex multiyear predictive cost estimates, phase gate reviews, and authoritative processes were the norm, with the project management office (PMO) at the helm. Now Agile has turned the world upside down; cost and schedule are fixed and the scope of work may vary. In this new arena, Agile dictates that organizations embrace change and harness their power to reach new levels of achievement.